Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Just like everything else, there are also advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy (advantages and disadvantages of solar energy)

Solar Energy Prevents Global Warming: Global warming poses a threat to the environment. Fortunately, years of research have led to the development of solar panel systems that generates power without the risks of causing global warming risks.

Solar Power is a Source of Energy Security: Nobody can destroy or stop the sun from shining. Through the combination of solar panels, this tends to offer efficient solar power benefit and power security. Something the military has been saying for years, and the main reason why they have been investing a lot in the creation and installation of solar power within their systems of operations.

Solar Energy Saves Money: Even long before, the human existence was still at risk because of global warming, in future, global warming is expected to cost a lot of money if ignored. So, keeping in mind the very long term risk of societal death and taking action towards global warming by use of solar energy, will definitely save the society a lot of money.

Solar Energy Creates Employment: As a source of electricity, solar energy creates employment. The money directed to solar energy creates more jobs than money directed towards coal and natural gas.

Solar Energy Offers Power Reliability: The suns’ energy is consistent, from the time it rises till the time it sets 365 days an year. Globally, people all know too well the time it rises and sets throughout the year. While the weather may be quite unpredictable, there is good seasonal and daily predictions for the amount of sunlight that will received in different places. With that said, solar energy still remains to be an extremely useful source of energy.

Solar Energy Offers Energy independence. Similar to energy security, solar energy offers the benefit of energy independence. The energy used in power panels is cannot be bought or monopolized, it is readily available for all to use. Once you have power panels in your home, you have efficient and independent source of energy that belongs to you. This is crucial for individual homes and business across the world.

Water Abundance: A major concern to the environment is access to clean water. Most countries around the world are struggling with water problems, but it might become worse. One common disadvantage of global warming is probability of possible droughts in most regions. Water and nuclear energy uses a lot of water, and natural gases also use a lot of water too. The good thing about solar power is that it does not use any water at all.

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Peak Energy Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The cost of generating electricity varies. Electricity supply and demand must be leveled so as not to go below the normal. Because, a number of energy sources are used to generate electricity for the grid. If people just used one source of energy, three would be more adverse risk. Some sources of energy offer energy continuously so as to make sure electricity needs are met. But as the demand for energy increases, other sources of power also need to be used. In most areas, the most power is used in the afternoon and early in the evening. At this time, power on wholesale market tends to be more expensive as there are only a few numbers of suppliers’ available and less competition. However, this coincides well with the time when is shinning and solar power systems are most powerful. So, the power generated from solar power source tends to be more valuable compared to electricity. Even further, it is good to note that air conditioning is the most used source of electricity in most countries. Air conditioning is needed the most when the sun is up, and its gets hotter, just when solar panels need it the most.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy (Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy)

Disadvantages of Solar energy are not many; actually the only notable disadvantage is that the sun doesn’t stay up for 24hours. When the evening sets, the solar panels do not produce electricity. If electricity is needed at night, it has to be gotten from somewhere else. This means that people cannot rely on solar panels 100%. And also, batteries are needed to store electricity generated by solar panels for use when the sun sets.

Solar panels can be quite expensive to buy and install causing a time lag in the time spent saving on power bills to concur with the previous investments.

Solar energy systems do not go hand in hand with the power produced in the same size conventional energy systems; they are also cost a lot to create.

Solar energy is used to charge batteries such that when the sun sets, solar powered devices can come in handy at night. The batteries are quite large and heavy, occupying space and they require to be replaced from time to time.

Currently most efficient solar cells only convert more than 20% of the suns rays to energy. With solar cell technology thriving, this number is likely to go up. Apart from their low conversion rates, solar panels can be a good initial investment. However, the cost of solar panels is only high in the initial cost, after purchase an installation they generate free power for use.

However there are several things worth noting concerning this solar energy disadvantages. For starters, the sun is usually up when electricity is needed the most. The human beings usually follow the movement of the sun. The society wakes up every morning when the sun is up. When the sun is up and shining brightly, people tend to be more active. During this time, people are consuming much more power than at midnight, so electricity is in more demand. It also makes power much expensive during the day, making power generated from solar panels more efficient.

Another crucial thing concerning this front is that, with storage, solar energy could possibly supply the world with enough electricity for all their needs. Actually, the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy cannot describe enough, the power potential of the sun.

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